Tax System and Tax Regimes in Azerbaijan

Legislation Reference

General tax regime

State taxes

Tax Code, Article 6

Tax Code, Part VIII

Profit tax of legal entities (except from enterprises and organizations owned by municipalities)

Tax Code, Part IX

Value added tax

Tax Code, Part XI

Excise tax

Tax Code, Part XII

Property tax, except property tax paid by municipalities

Tax Code, Part XIV

Road tax

Tax Code, Part XV

Mining tax

Tax Code, Part XVI

Simplified tax

Tax Code, Part XVII

Taxes of autonomous republic

Tax Code, Article 7

 Taxes of autonomous republic include all state taxes collected in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Local taxes (municipality taxes)

Tax Code, Article 8

Land tax

Tax Code, Articles 206.1-1, 206.3

Property tax of physical persons on buildings and water and air transport  

Tax Code, Article 198.1

Profit tax of enterprises and organizations owned by municipalities

Tax Code, Article 8.1